Pasadena Music Scene moves to Blogger platform

Upon achieving the first page Google Search Result for ‘pasadena music’, the Pasadena Music Scene coalition is currently discussing new potential platforms to host the website on. Everyone around the scene is ecstatic that they managed to get on the front page for this specific keyword, however, there is an organization that is keeping us from reaching the #1 result for ‘pasadena music’.

Some reps believe that if the music scene moves to the Blogger platform, it will have a little more juice with Google and might actually bump us up to the #1 search result for ‘pasadena music’. “Right now, we’re maintaining #1 page appearance, but we’re still moving up & down when we deserve to be the #1 result,” explains one rep, who also believes Google+ will help us promote the content. Other reps who agree that the move from Weebly to Blogger should be made is because it will make the Pasadena Music Scene more effective and can possibly compete with it’s cross-company rival, ThaWilsonBlock Network.

Representatives of ThaWilsonBlock think that the Pasadena Music Scene coalition is trying to completely take things over saying,” Weebly is a great FREE platform and has gotten the music scene to where it needs to be.” Reps of the Pasadena Music Scene coalition agree, but still are not satisfied with being #2.

As the Pasadena Music Scene begins production for Season 2 of their TV Show series, more than half of their reps want to switch to Blogger. “Moving to Blogger would further the reach of the Pasadena Music Scene making it a solid back-up to ThaWilsonBlock Network, who doesn’t target their content or audience by region like we do,” says a rep from the music scene coalition.

Stay tuned for updates.

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