DJ Highlight’s ‘Hometown Heros’ mixtape features various DENA artists
Click to Download

DJ Highlight, a DENA artist who hosts mixtapes, has recently released the ‘Hometown Heros’ mixtape with a variety of DENA artists. To much of our surprise, we saw no track by Bing Bing featured on the project, a clear Pasadena hometown hero who arguably puts in tha most work for the Pasadena Hip Hop Scene. “I guess walking 27 miles to unite tha local music scene doesn’t mean much,” says Bing Bing

Nonetheless, the project comes equipped with heavy hitters like Major James, Ethan Avery, Blackwest, Paco Swartz, Zook, Hard Reign, & more. The project boasts a well-balanced variety of Pasadena/Altadena artists. Released on August 6th, 2016, DJ Highlight shows tha scene that we are united…and have been for some time now.  

Take a listen to Hometown Heros mixtape and share your opinion!


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