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Mistah Wilson interviews Singer/Songwriter Lovey Elise on Singing, Rapping, and Performances.
Mistah Wilson: Hey, Lovey! Thanks for coming thru for this exclusive interview with ThaWilsonBlock! How ya’ been?
Lovey Elise: Thank you For having me I appreciate the Love , Im fabulous as always … Thank you for asking  

Mistah Wilson: For our readers sake, tell us a little about yourself. Something we may not know already… 

Lovey Elise: Thats a tough one. Something you may not already know? Well at the most i can say without truly exposing myself is that i’m no angel. I think sometimes people get caught up on my pictures online and how my internet presence and then when they meet me they are totally blown away about how real i am. they seem like they expect to speak to a snooty little princess when really i’m one of the homies  and they tend to think that i ain’t never been through nothing , but its the exact opposite i’ve been more then i should have! so i guess most people don’t know that i’m a life survivor. 

Mistah Wilson: We’ve seen you perform with Imani Akil at Live @ The Loft in Hen’s Teeth Square a few months back. We were definitely moved by your voice. How long have you been singing and performing?

Lovey Elise: Well the rumor is i have been singing since before i could actually talk ! but as far as i can remember i was five when i sang my first church solo and i was 12 when i wrote my first song, 14 when i professionally recorded the title track on a soundtrack for a musical , so i’ve been at this pretty much my whole life.
Mistah Wilson: You and Imani make a cold duet. What is the collaboration process like between you two?
Lovey Elise: Well the creative process comes fairly easy between us. We have been doing music together for as long as we have been together so our chemistry is crazy . But we both have our own strengths in this music so we both kind of fall into each others weak spots for support musically . 
But truly he Points in a direction and watches me fly off and meets some where in the middle.

Mistah Wilson: What did you start doing first: Singing or Rapping?
Lovey Elise: Man i was a singer who wrote poetry. Then my poetry turned into hooks to my songs and then it turned into rap lyrics so creatively it was almost an inevitable transition. 

Mistah Wilson: Your music is on hit! Without question. Where do you get your inspiration from when writing songs?

Lovey Elise: everything i write about is either a feeling i had or something i went through or something im feeling or going through currently ! But all of it is my real life experience , and as hard as it may be to believe my rap too. The thing is , is sometimes i feel like two different people. The person i was and am still struggling with verses the person i have always been trying to be. and i struggle with it musically when it comes to rapping verses singing . 
Mistah Wilson: What are you currently working on now?
Lovey Elise: Im currently finishing up my Rnb Lp entitled “The Wake Up” ! After that the sky is kinda the limit for me. Im going to get started on putting together a band and transitioning into different genres of music because i’ve become quite bored and disgusted with the music i hear today. Rnb,Soul etc is not what it used to be and Im kinda over after this Album is finished .

Mistah Wilson: What is the most challenging thing about being an aspiring artist?

Lovey Elise: I would say the most challenging thing would balancing your family life and day job with the same intensity as your musical career. sometimes i find it hard to stay focused on my music when i have responsibilities and things pulling me in so many different directions. so for me like i said finding balance to match my motivations is the hardest part. 

Mistah Wilson: Now, most artists work their whole lives and don’t get to perform at the House of Blues. You & Imani did it twice. How was that experience?

Lovey Elise: Believe it or not it was actually very stressful ! There is a lot that goes into making sure you put on a great show at a venue like that. A lot of leg work prior to. Networking, promoting, rehearsing, song selection, show mixes, Your Look, Your Routine,Making sure you don’t kill your voice before the show even comes and the list goes on and on. But when you have a great turn out at a great venue and you give it 100% and see the crowd having an awesome time and smiling at you and singing your songs , its the best feeling in the world !! and its all worth the pressure that you go through prior too then when you see some of those people come back again and bring more people and they wanna share your talent with other friends Then you know you did exactly what you were suppose to do ! Work ! 

Mistah Wilson: Who are some of your key influences?

Lovey Elise: Some of my influences would be , Etta James , Ray Charles , Della Reese , Areo Smith , The Doors , Queen , Mary J Bliege of course, Parliament, Bootsy Collins, Jone Jet , Nina Simone , India Arie, Heart , Ottis Redding, Lauryn Hill and the list goes and goes but its probably not the musical inspirations people would think . 
Mistah Wilson: Thanks a bunch for coming through for this exclusive interview with us, Lovey. Got any shout outs? Lets hear em!
Lovey Elise: Yes indeed !!! I like to shout out my Lover , Friend and Business Partner Imani Akil The President of Truespitters and Ts Certified Ent . Shouts out to my radio Team at shut em down radio /TsThursdays B-nice my co host , The Boss man Dirty Salow , Sneek Rothstien My promotion assistant Akele Askari , My producers Edot and Crooked Noize and The whole Ts Family !

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