Throwback 2012 Interview w/ Pasadena rapper ‘iMu’

Mistah Wilson interviews local veteran EMCEE ‘iMu’ as he explains his love for Hip Hop, Pasadena, & leaks exclusive new single “Signature”

Mistah Wilson: Yo iMu what’s tha word, son! Pleasure to have you on tha block for this exclusive

iMu: Pleasures all business to me Haha!! It’s all good.

Mistah Wilson: What’s been new with you?
iMu: Just stayin’ on my hustle, grindin’ it out. Will never complain because God is great!! Just recently signed up on that Wilson Block!! You know tha deal!!

Mistah Wilson: Dope. Dope. So where are you from?
iMu: Pasadena CA. Born and raised. Grew up on Mentor Ave. Right around the block from Roscoe’s Chicken & Waffles!! (Big Ups Ma!!)

Mistah Wilson: Yo, tell the people how you found out about thawilsonblock…
iMu: I was walkin down Oakland Ave smoking a blunt with “Satire” and just happened to meet you Bing Bing”..haha!! the rest is history being written. It’s been a blessing, real talk. It’s revitalized my motivation to say the least.

Mistah Wilson: So how long you been rappin?
iMu: Back since Big Boy was hostin’ tha fat 5 @ 9 (I’m feelin’ fine) B.I.G had just dropped “Big Poppa”..i was on lockdown in 95’ all I had was a little am/fm radio..that’s all I needed tho..that planted the seed in my mind. , I realized that this is what I was meant to do. No if ands or buts about it.

Mistah Wilson: As crazy as the mainstream looks (& sounds) today, what is your outlook on it?
iMu: Smh..i can’t call it playa’ me, Hip-hop is the crescendo of music, it can evolve into whatever the artist can imagine. Commercial or Underground. It’s all up to your imagination.

Mistah Wilson: Do you think an independent underground movement is vital to a local music scene?
iMu: In My understanding. The Underground Movement is extremely vital for the revitalization of Hip-Hop music locally, globally, and universally.

Mistah Wilson: Are you currently independent or are you rocking with management?
iMu: Both. I’m an Independent Artist with a strong management “Team”..cuz that’s what it is, without “Ace” & “Lady Luck” wouldn’t have the “energy” that I do, it would be something else..

Mistah Wilson: Yo we also seen you perform at WilsonBlock100’s PowerHour down at Jake’s Billiards in Pasadena, Ca. YOU ROCKED IT!!! How did that night turn out for you?
iMu: thanks man!! I truly appreciate tell you the truth it had been like a year or more since I was on stage so I had this real nervous excitement sensation the whole night..but as much practice as I put in, i just spews out fire after I warm up..haha!!

Mistah Wilson: You also performed a cut we’ve been airing on WB100 Radio “The Product”, when was that track released?
iMu: That same night!! Pasadena will always and forever here my newest, freshest tracks 1st! Via thawilsonblock! I made that promise long ago to Pasadena 626!

Mistah Wilson: What’s up with “imagine My universe” can you please explain exactly what that is. Is it an album, is it released, what…
iMu: imagine My universe is the original definition of iMu my alias evolved into “in My understanding” as I got older. To recognize the order, “imagine My universe” is going to be the premier album. The classic. The Origin. Yet to be released.

Mistah Wilson: And we’re positive you write your own lyrics, correct?
iMu: Absolutely Correct. 100%. Most Definitely. All Original.

Mistah Wilson: That’s what I call a real artist. Do you have anything that is currently out that has BEEN out for quite some time?
iMu: Yeah,. I have a couple singles out I’ve been pushing the get heard. They been out for a few months. Still haven’t gotten any many hits as I would like but the real underground i.M.u heads already known’ bout “Heavy Metal Jackets” (my answer to the battle emcees) & “Construction” (my mission statement)..this new one “The Product” is just to let you know. Haha! But here’s the real of this moment, I just released “Signature” via thawilsonblock (yes sir) as promised..Pasadena CA hears it first!!

Mistah Wilson: That’s what it is! That is what makes your underground network like ThaWilsonBlock effective. Name some indie underground artists that you’ve worked with along with who you’d like to work with…
iMu: Gotta give big ups to my old partner “Day One”…one of the sickest lyricist I’ve worked with. He went M.i.A while back. (Don’t ask). If you reading this bro. iSDO!! (he’ll know what that means) And I would love to work with Odd Future/Audio Assassins/Atmosphere/

Mistah Wilson: Name some mainstream artists who you’d like to work with.
iMu: E-40/Tech9ne

Mistah Wilson: Work with any hot producers?!?!
iMu: Adam “Ace” Grigsby(Heavy Metal Jackets)..the man’s a genius, what else can I say? And recently I’ve been working with Andre D(The Product)..younger generation, the kids “pouring’ talent out his eyeballs”. I’m tellin you…

Mistah Wilson: Why do you do music? What do you plan on accomplishing or getting out of it?
iMu: I do music for the love of it, it’s something I feel I was put on this earth to do, Entertain. And if I can slip in a positive message in there, so be it.

Mistah Wilson: I can tell you a thing or two about putting all my eggs in one basket. Any back up plans?
iMu: No safety net. This is it!

Mistah Wilson: What has motivated you throughout the years as an EMCEE?
iMu: Being able to entertain and move the crowd has kept and will always keep me rapping and writing till’ the day that I die. My love and passion for quality music can’t be described in words. Language is far too weak to even begin to explain.

Mistah Wilson: Got a quick message you want to send out to the world?
iMu: The end is coming soon so don’t cease or desist, grab your opportunities or cease to exist. –iMu (

Mistah Wilson: Again. Thanx for doing this interview with ThaWilsonBlock. Got any shout outs!?
iMu: Yeah , much respect to due to the underground culture. under God’s grace we are all one!!!!

iMu just leaked THIS single “Signature” along with this interview. ENJOY THE EXCLUSIVENESS!!


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