ThaWilsonBlock makes it known that Altadena artists are very much a part of the Pasadena Music Scene

Ever since the “Bringing It Together” movement by the Pasadena Music Scene kicked off, we’ve observed that local artists started becoming more aware of other local artists from around the city. As long as the music scene can keep a consistent campaign of new content, the movement will be successful.

On the mission to “Bring It Together”, there have been a few barriers. The Pasadena Music Scene reps realized that deep-rooted issues between local gangs are preventing potential unity opportunities. The reason this is a problem is because it has already hindered progress for the “Bringing It Together” movement. This is why Bing Bing is walking to “End Gang Violence” on his 24th birthday in January 2014.

The Pasadena Music Scene is not into brainwashing people. And so, after private discussions between top-ranked officials on both ThaWilsonBlock & the Pasadena Music Scene regarding this matter, they’ve come to an agreement that Altadena artists have everything to do with the Pasadena Music Scene and that they shall be included in local music scene coverage. Reps tell us that the Pasadena Music Scene will use Altadena (and their respective scene) as a demonstration model to “Bring It Together” because both cities are close and similar enough to be treated as one…DENA.

“When I saw how different Pasadenans were from Altadenans, it momentarily confused me. It reminded me of the “Salute” music video by Major James & Lil’ S and how they came together for a track that displayed the respect they had for each other. Furthermore, the respect Pasadena & Altadena had for each other by two well-known local artists demonstrating it,” explains Mistah Wilson. ThaWilsonBlock has announced that it will be encouraging Pasadena artists and Altadena artists alike to come together and build a bond. “We will be utilizing the region’s most popular and active hubs for local music to bring things together. Spots like The Coffee Gallery, which serves as primary hub for Altadena’s music scene, The Sidewalk Cafe’s Live @ The Loft, and the Old Towne Pub are like Central Pasadena’s roundabout. Most of our content and “Bringing It Together” activities will be taking place at these locations,” adds Mistah Wilson.

The Coffee Gallery is a place of interest because not only is the coffee good, but it attracts diverse local acts. They are big on Folk & Acoustic music which will be good to bring together with Pasadena’s local Hip Hop element.

Be on the look out for new activity on the #bringingittogether movement.

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