Mistah Wilson gains support from Pasadena OG’s Butch Thompson & Mike Womble.

Mistah Wilson, who is preparing to Walk to End Gang Violence and run the 2014 Los Angeles Marathon, is gaining support from Pasadena’s OG’s. Butch Thompson (left) and Mike Womble (right) are seeing great ambition coming from Mistah Wilson and believe he has what it takes to achieve his goals. The picture was taken at Pasadena Media where Mistah Wilson is currently interning to further his skills and experience in the ‘production’ field. His internship was made possible by the Non-Profit Organization that he’s running the Los Angeles Marathon for, Hathaway-Sycamores Child & Family Services.

Butch Thompson has been a major supporter of the up-and-coming artist and has agreed to co-sign Mistah Wilson on his mission to “Put The City On” as Mike Womble stands in agreement. Butch & Mistah Wilson both come from the same neighborhood (Bungalow Heaven) on Pasadena’s East side. “It is good to see OG’s supporting the ambitious youngsters of our generation,” explains an anonymous Pasadena resident. Upon seeing the photo, Otto Evans (creator of DenaBoy Clothing) said,” This is history in the making.”

Word on the street is that Butch Thompson & Mike Womble are working to bring back the very popular “Micwom Show”. Though nothing has been officially announced, Mistah Wilson is seeking to be a guest once the show comes back on the air. Let’s see what happens…

– See more at: http://thawilsonblock.net/group/pasadenamusicscene/forum/topics/mistah-wilson-gains-support-from-pasadena-og-s-butch-thompson-mik


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